We’re passionate about EV charging and work closely with Car Park Operators and Local Authorities to offer reliable EV charging for their customers and residents

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We are working to make charging easy, accessible and reliable for those who cannot charge their cars at home.
Park and Charge Oxfordshire

Electric Vehicle chargers are coming to 24 car parks across Oxfordshire in 2021. Residents will be able to park for free overnight in council-owned car parks whilst having access to top of the range fast electric charge points.

Park and Charge Next Steps

Here is how we can help you to replicate Park and Charge in your area.


Our top of the range Charge point for car parking hubs that features booking, contactless payments, membership scheme, multi-bay charging with SMART phase balancing (patent pending).

Fleet Charging

If you are looking for solutions to charge your fleet of commercial vehicles, contact us now.

Why Choose Us?

Our team have over 30 years’ experience in designing electronics for the Automotive sector, we are a Tier 1 manufacturer with a global supply chain. We offer an assurance to quality through our ISO9001/2015 accreditation. We have extensive knowledge in installing and maintaining our products in the field.
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