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Designed with the customers in mind, the EZ-Charge CPC1 has been the product of extensive market research and years of development. Whether booking in advance or just turning up, it is designed to have you charging and on your way as quickly as possible. With the easy to use app, you’ll be able to check if a space is currently in use and even book an exact time slot. Once you arrive at the charger, there is a simple authorisation check with instructions on our LCD display for payment, one button to press and then you're charging.


The Charger is equipped with multiple connectivity devices to configure settings and feedback data. This allows it to be in constant communication with our Central Charge Point Management System via OCPP 1.6, meaning any issues with the charger will be immediately recognised by our engineers who can solve the problem without delay.


Various electrical safety devices come pre-installed within the unit, including residual current protection to prevent any dangerous electrical issues. There will also be tampering alarms located on all locked cabinets to ensure no vandalism resulting in damage to the unit or those around it. The charge point is equipped with water detection and shock detection mechanisms to automatically interrupt the power supply in an emergency. The frame of the charger has protection class IP54 and degree of protection against mechanical impact IK10.

Technical Datasheet