Smart Dual 22kW Charger

  • Payment by Contactless, RFID card or in the App
  • Smart Load Balancing features built in
  • Live monitoring of charger status for high uptime

Convenient Charging Hubs

  • Discount rate for members
  • In council car parks with free overnight parking
  • Located in areas with a lack of off-street parking
  • Click here for a map
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Technical Datasheet


Designed with the customer as a priority, you can park your car and be charging within seconds. Whether you want to pay by contactless or use our app, we offer the most simple charging experience possible.

How To Video


Our charger talks to our engineers constantly, letting us know of any component failures or issues.


Compliant with all the latest EV charging standards and equipped with multiple safety protection devices. IP54 rated.


Our chargers communicate with each other to balance the electrical load on each phase, ensuring your car receives the maximum charge.

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To Charge from 20-80%

  • Charging power
  • 22 kW
  • kWh added
  • 30
  • Miles added
  • 140
  • Charge time
  • 1.4 Hrs
  • Charging power
  • 11 kW
  • kWh added
  • 36
  • Miles added
  • 145
  • Charge time
  • 3.3 Hrs
  • Charging power
  • 7 kW
  • kWh added
  • 35
  • Miles added
  • 126
  • Charge time
  • 5 Hrs