Everything you need to know about EZ-charge but were too afraid to ask...

Where can I charge my car?

We have an App that will show you where the chargers are and if they are free. Or you can check the Park and Charge Oxfordshire website

You can also find a Global map of Charge points on the Zap-Map website.

How long does it take to charge my car?

That will depend on the Charger you use – a 7kW will charge approx. 25 miles in 1 hour, a 22kW will charge 3x faster i.e. about 75 miles in an hour. Our charger can supply up to 22kW. Calculate the time and cost here:

What is the cost to charge my car ?

We offer competitive rates and a number of different ways to pay including a simple tap and go solution, as well as discounted rates for dedicated users. We also offer further discounts for users charging overnight.

Exact pricing will be released soon.

Can I charge my car on an EZ-Charger?

Yes – the only thing you need to check is your cable connections – most EU cars use a Type 2 connector, which is the cable we provide on our units.

If your car uses a different connector, you should have a cable which can be plugged into our socketed units.

Why use EZ-Charge?

We have dedicated years to developing the best possible solution for public EV charging, with our number one priority being simplicity. Choose EZ-Charge if you're tired of complicated systems and dozens of apps and just want to charge your car.

What's so good about your charger?

The EZ-Charge Car Park charger has an advanced fault detection system and network, meaning the second that something goes wrong (if something goes wrong!) we know about it and will make it our top priority to solve the problem. This means we can ensure a highly reliable service for all customers.

How do I charge my car?

Simply plug in your car to a charge point. Your car will determine how much power we can put in. Our chargers use RFID membership cards, an app and contactless payment to allow you to start your charge.

Can I pre book my charge point?

With our App you can reserve / queue for your charger – this feature is coming soon!

What are the different types of charger?

There are slow chargers – these charge at 3kW, typically coming from a simple mains plug.

There are normal AC chargers – these charge at 7kW, typically installed at home or in the workplace.

There are fast AC chargers, such as our EZ-Charge charger- these charge at 22kw.

There are rapid chargers which charge from 50kw up to and over 150kW- these use DC power and are very expensive to install.

What happens if I end my charge early?

Not a problem, just disconnect and go.

Do I need a payment card or an RFID card?

Our car park charger will accept both RFID (membership cards) and contactless cards, as well as an option to pay in the app.

Are there any grants for home and workplace Chargers and installation?