Public charging for Local Authorities

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The UK needs EV charging infrastructure

  • 8 million households in the UK have no access to off-street parking
  • The UK needs 2.5 million public charge points by 2030 to meet government targets (Head of Ford Europe)
  • 43% of new car sales must be Ultra Low emissions by 2025 to meet UK emissions targets

Existing public chargers receive low satisfaction rates

Surveys have shown reliability to be the most important factor to customers when using public chargers.

Our Chargers have been specifically designed to ensure high uptime.

We can bring ultra-reliable fast charging hubs to your area.

How does it work?

Funding & Contracts

  • OZEV grants for EV Chargers are available to Local Authorities

  • We have experience in securing OZEV funding and can assist in applications

  • We have contract templates ready to adapt to the requirements of any Local Authority

  • Multiple funding models are available including part and fully funded options

Site Location

We use our innovative site location tool to identify the ideal locations for charging hubs in your area

Charging Hub Rollout

We begin installation of our state-of-the-art charging hubs

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